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Training Videos

Have a question about how a feature works or interested in learning more about how SMS works? Browse our videos listed below. Contact us if you have need of further assistance.

Demo Videos

Video Demo: Natures Best

Video Demo: DSD Receiving Examples

Video Demo: Cube Watches

Vide Demo: Living Naturally

Video Demo: SMS POS Fuel

Tip of the Week Videos

Item Maintenance Videos

Analysis Menu 1

Analysis Menu 2

Analysis Menu 3

Analysis Menu 4

Low Margin Item Maintenance

From Cube to Item Maintenance

No Movement Item Maintenance

Pricing Tool

Pricing Hierarchy

Pricing Basics 2

Pricing Basics 3

Buying Videos

Open Vendor

Plugin How To Videos

Postal Code

Point Of Sale (POS) Videos

Flip Charts

Upselling at Point Of Sale

Promo How To Videos

Pick 5 Promo

Picnic Basket Promo

Tiered Turkey Promo

Reporting Tips Videos

Margin By Item By Vendor

Unsung Reporting 1

Unsung Reporting 2

Unsung Reporting 3

Unsung Reporting 4

User Help Videos

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Technical Support

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