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All-In-One Solution:
Front-End, Back-End, and Host

Powerful Software

Front-end, back-end and host.
Our software gives you the tools to run your business efficiently with a cutting edge system designed to handle all aspects of the retail industry.

Fully Customizable

Our system can be personalized
to meet your needs, giving you a solid store management system designed around your unique requirements.

Military-Grade Security

Department of Defense level security clearance.
We take security seriously and want to give you peace of mind your system is secure.

Timely Support

We have six certified technicians
available to provide the support you deserve. We have quick response times, via phone and email.

Our most respected clients

RSS 21st Amendment Liquor  
  • El Dorado Liquor — Stockton, California
  • Steve's Liquor — Sacramento, California
  • Fastway Market — Madera, California
  • Fuel Force — North Dakota
  • Hart's Corner — Texas


  • Retail Sales Solutions support are my go to guys when my stores have a problem. RSS always has the solution. They are fast, reliable, knowledgable, dependable and very good at what they do.

    21st Amendment Liquor
  • Creating schedules for over 100 employees used to be a nightmare. Making the switch to SMS from Retail Sales Solutions has changed all that. Scheduling is now so easy to track and maintain!

    Jared D.
  • I can't say enough how awesome it is having a loyalty program integrated into my store's operating system. It's so easy to setup and maintain my customer database and marketing is much more efficient now.

    Anna F.

What sets RSS apart from the rest?

We are an employee-owned company. We have six certified LOC experts with a combined 20 years of experience. We believe in ourselves as a company and take pride in our integrity and business practices.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent service, training, and support wherever they are located. We are here for you every step of the way, day or night.

We have the most powerful point of sale (POS) all-in-one software on the market for convenience and fuel stores. We hold Department of Defense level security clearance, making our system the most secure in the industry.