RSS Grocery

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Feature Details

  • RSS is PCI compliant

    Security & Piece of Mind

    Fully PCI compliant, certified with both PCI DSS and Visa PABP. We have also been given Department of Defense level security clearance.

  • Point of Sale

    Process transactions quickly & efficiently through a customizable touch screen interface.

  • RSS Back Office Management

    Back Office Management

    Full-featured item maintenance including movement analysis and ability to track profitability by category.

  • RSS Inventory Control

    Inventory Control

    Reliable inventory control for in-store items, with fuel & tank monitoring integrated.

  • Loyalty Rewards

    Maintain customer profiles via integrated frequent shopper with detailed analytics, deliver electronic coupons during or after the transaction.

  • Merchandising & Promotions Management

    Unparalleled sale & promotional options offering virtually unlimited combinations, including points based & cents off per gallon.


  • Pump Management

    Complete fuel management including pump control, authorization, & tank monitoring from any POS; full, self-service or a combination.

  • Digital Signage

    Create customizable point-of-purchase marketing messages in-store & at the pump.

  • Integrated Payments

    Direct interfaces with First Data, Mercury Payment, WorldPay, with no middleware required.

  • Centralized Reporting & Price Updates

    Create efficiencies through centralized price book & reconcile credit, pump, & POS totals from a single report.

  • Labor Management

    Full-featured time management module.

  • Integrated Sign & Label Printing

    Print signs & labels individually or in bulk directly from item maintenance.

  • Self-Service

    Offer convenient & user friendly experiences via self-service kiosks.


  • Pre-Payments

    Support prepaid fuel cards with discount per gallon options.

  • Car Wash Management

    Integrate with loyalty & points based promotions.

  • Mobile POS & Inventory Management

    Perfect for queue busting, inventory management, price verification or changes, in-aisle labels.

  • Physical Security

    Review transactions live or recorded from the back office, including drive off monitoring.

  • Grocery Store & Food Service Integration

    Run the same system in all concepts, plus offer any discount or promotion from any concept at the pump.

  • Purchasing & Receiving Management

    Electronically order, receive and update inventory.